2019 Oil & Gas

Machine Learning


Houston, Texas


Thank you for a stellar 2018 edition!

The 2018 edition of the Oil & Gas Machine Learning Symposium highlighted developments in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and how they are transforming the way oil & gas operates. The symposium invited innovators from top technology companies and major oil companies to come together to discuss current applications of Machine Learning and AI and the impact of its adoption. The sold-out event consisted of valuable and insightful keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and networking. Call for abstracts will open in February 2019. 

“I found the symposium very valuable. It gave me an appreciation of both the short and long-term impacts of machine learning technology on our business. This was high value for the time/money investment.”

Randall Hunt

Sr. Staff Geophysicist, Range Resources

Highlights from 2018


John Adamick

Sr. VP Data & Analytics


Dr. Sumit Gupta

VP, AI, Machine Learning, & HPC

IBM Cognitive Systems

Satyen Yadav

General Manager – IoT Devices, Edge Computing, Machine Learning at the Edge

Amazon Web Services

Dr. Tom Smith

President & CEO

Geophysical Insights

Ruben Rodriguez Torrado

Artificial Intelligence Advisor


Dr. Mauricio Araya

Sr. Researcher, Computer Science


Dr. Christian Noll

Geoscience Manager, Advanced Analytics & Emerging Technology


Dania Kodeih

Industry Technology Strategist, Oil and Gas


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Data Science, Machine Learning

Learn about the applications of Data Analytics and Machine Learning to all aspects of exploration and production from seismic interpretation through reservoir engineering.  Find out why these technologies will change workflows, and how geoscientists and engineers can leverage these new technologies to find and develop hydrocarbons.

Breakout Sessions

Start the day with a networking breakfast at 7:45, followed by a series of talks by industry thought-leaders in the morning plenary session that extends through lunch. Then, engage with other innovators from Microsoft, Nvidia, the University of Oklahoma AASPI Consortium, and Geophysical Insights in afternoon breakout sessions on… ML/Cloud Technologies Machine Learning Applications The Future of Geoscience Reservoir Engineering


Engage with other innovators and thought-leaders to exchange ideas and capture new ways to apply Data Analytics and Machine Learning to your business area.  Meet leaders in the tech sector and across the energy industry who are pioneering the application of these new tools.

2019 Oil & Gas Machine Learning Symposium

Stay Tuned for updates on the 2019 edition.

Call for abstracts opens

feb 2019.

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